Do you spend more time in the garage than anywhere else?

Whether you are starting from standard or modifying your existing custom vehicle, it is important to get the stall correct. Regardless of the size of your engine or your cam specs, if you overlook the torque converter you will be left at the lights in a cloud of smoke!

Our high stall converters are uniquely engineered to match your engine build. Slingshot Converters are not an off-the-shelf service – because let’s face it there is nothing standard about your Hot Street Machine. There are many options for your high stall, here are just some of the services that we include when building your high stall torque converter:

  • Billet font cover stops all ballooning in front cover
  • Furnace brazing for maximum strength in all blades
  • Full Torrington bearing to reduce friction and wear
  • Anti-ballooning plate to stop impeller ballooning
  • Chrome Moly pump drive and input splines of highest quality available
  • Computer balanced for accuracy
  • Billet lock up plate where applicable (from TH700 all the way to 6L80E)

Many of our customers are running LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7 Holden engines. After much R&D we are now providing a full customised solution for these set ups. Slingshot improvements include billet lock up plate by removing the standard dampener system to remove the common spring failure point.

Talk to a Slingshot professional for further advice, or get started now by filling in our Vehicle Specification Sheet

We ask for a lot of detail about your car so that we can build it right, however some builds are so custom that they need further adjustment to match your unique set up. We offer 3 Month FREE Adjustment after sale because we aren’t happy until you are.


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