2 Speed & 3 Speed

Performance Street is all about the vehicles that are bought standard, but don’t stay that way. When you start adding power to the engine you need to follow through and add a high stall converter to suit the new power range. Slingshot high stall torque converters are uniquely engineered to match your engine build.

2 and 3 Speed Transmissions are used in Powerglide, TH 350, TH 400, Trimatic, C4, FMX and C6. There are many options for your high stall converter, your exact set up will depend on your application and set up.

The below are included in all non-lock up converters for 2 and 3 Speeds;

  • Billet Front Cover.
  • Furnace brazing.
  • Tig Heli Brazing for extra strength.
  • Full Torrington Set (No fibre washers).
  • Anti-Ballooning Plate.
  • Chrome Moly pump drive and input splines.


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