How we started out

We started out as a toolmaking company in the 1970s but quickly realised our passion was for the precision engineered, high performance torque converters used in all kinds of motorsports. Now, almost 35 years later, we are still passionate about high performance converters and have some of the most experienced high performance technicians in the country working for us - many with over 15 years’ service here at Slingshot Converters.

Our technicians design each converter to make sure it matches the very specific needs and specifications of a client’s vehicle, no matter what the application. We source parts made here in Australia to our designs and specifications, as well as importing high quality components from USA companies that specialise in designing and making high performance torque converter parts.

Years of rigorous testing on the track and in the workshop has ensured we have the practical expertise to engineer the right torque converter solution for any set up. We often get converter builds that are considered “too hard” or “impossible to build” by other workshops. We take them on as a challenge and learn new things every time we build a difficult converter. And we haven’t failed a single customer yet!

If you want to learn more about Slingshot High Performance Torque Converters you can follow our FB page or read some of our technical specification sheets listed here.


Need advice?

If you're unsure about the transmission and torque converter required for your next project then contact us.