4 Speed & 6 Speed

Performance Street is all about the vehicles that are bought standard, but don’t stay that way. When you start adding power to the engine you need to follow through and add a high stall converter to suit the new power range.

Slingshot high stall torque converters are uniquely engineered to match your engine build. 4 Speed and 6 Speed Transmissions all start with a lock up clutch as standard. If set up correctly in a high stall converter it is a great addition for driveability and performance.

The below are included in all non-lock up converters for 4 and 6 Speeds;

  • Billet Front Cover
  • Furnace brazing
  • Tig Heli Brazing for extra strength
  • Full Torrington Set (No fibre washers)
  • Anti-Ballooning Plate
  • Chrome Moly pump drive and input splines

4 Speed GM Transmissions

In addition to the above, the 4 Speed GM Transmission Lock Up Converters also include a Billet once piece lock up clutch with no dampener springs (common failure point) and a large surface area, more than V8 factory standard. 4 Speeds include TH 700, 4L60E, 4L65E and 4L80E.


6 Speed 6L80E Transmissions

These transmissions include the above points, but require a more complex set up as the lock up is available in multiple gears. In response to this we offer the billet lock up as per the 4 speed for basic power output, or for large power output we use multi disc lock up clutches. The Multi Disc Lock Ups have 3x the surface area of factory standard. This is important for good driveability and reliability.

6 Speed 6HP 26 Ford 6Cyl Turbo– Latest Development!

In the past the whole industry has been limited by the complexity of this transmission and the high technology in the lock up mechanism. These converters could be modified to achieve a stall of 2800, but no higher due to the need to keep the same body as standard.

Sling Shot has recently invested in extensive research and development in this area and have developed an in house solution – not available anywhere else in the world! We can now take your standard 12” converter and create a 9.5” body that maintains original lock up capability – and allows a stall of up to 4200RPM. The best of both worlds!

We take into consideration your car's every detail to build it right, however some builds are so custom that they may need further adjustment once tested in the vehicle.


We offer 3 Month FREE Adjustment after sale.

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