If you’re serious about performance use a Slingshot converter

Increasing the performance of your vehicle takes a lot of time and money and it can all be wasted if you don’t get a torque converter specifically designed to match to your vehicle and maximise all that extra power and speed.

Slingshot are specialists with over 30 years’ experience custom building and modifying high stall torque converters. We don’t do budget off-the-shelf solutions. We supply made-to-order performance converters at the top end of the market and our reputation for engineering even the most difficult converter is second to none.

Using quality components is essential when it comes to high performance vehicles, so don’t be fooled by cheap prices and EBay bargains. Converter failures are devastating and can take out the entire gearbox. Don't let this happen to you.

If you are looking for a seriously reliable high performance converter, complete with lock-up, Slingshot is the answer. And remember, our converters bolt straight up to your existing transmission and flexplate without the need to make any modifications, getting you back on the road sooner.

Call 1300 916 301 or complete our online Vehicle Specification Sheet and we’ll begin designing your custom built Slingshot converter today.

Who we are

We began as a toolmaking company in the seventies but quickly realised our passion was for high performance torque converters used in all kinds of motorsport. Now, almost 35 years later and with some of the most experienced high performance technicians in the country working for us (many with over 15 years service with us) we are still passionate about performance converters.

Our latest news

What we do

We design the converter to make sure it matches the very specific needs and specifications of your vehicle no matter what the application. Have parts made for us in Australia to our designs and specifications or import only the highest quality parts from USA companies that specialise in designing and making high performance torque converter parts.

Rigorous testing in actual live situations and including our own vehicles ensures we have the practical experience to get it right.

What is unique about us

You won’t find our products on Ebay and they’re not a cheap, hope and pray it works, off the shelf solution. They are serious converters for serious players with serious applications. If you want the budget model, feel free to go elsewhere we won’t be offended.